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The Creation Gospel Workbook 6

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The Creation Gospel Workbook 6

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Need some great reading for the omer-counting weeks to Shavuot?  Creation Gospel Workbook Six: Hebrew Prayer and Worship Traditions is here for the Passover season. It is the companion study guide to Standing With Israel: a House of Prayer for All Nations. There are three sections in this 292-page workbook. Section I is an in-depth analysis of the daily prayers with the Creation Gospel pattern:  The Seven Days of Creation, the Seven Spirits of Adonai, the Seven Feasts, and the Seven Assemblies of Revelation.  Section II is study questions to dig more out of Standing With Israel, and it is ideal for group Bible study.  The last section holds a wealth of research into the First Century Passover seder and how it transformed into the modern seder over the centuries. Ever wonder about foot-washing? The egg on the seder plate? Why Yeshua was called a Nazarene, but there is no scripture reference for it in the TANAKH? Did they sing "Dayeinu" at Yeshua's seder? How did the Apostle Peter sneak into Orthodox Jewish prayers? The answers to these questions and many more are here!  

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