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"Devarim" Torah Portion Commentary - The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 5

Hollisa Alewine

"Devarim" Torah Portion Commentary - The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 5

$ 30.00

Volume Five: Devarim of Creation Gospel Workbook Five continues to pull the threads from the Rivers of Eden through the Torah portions. Expect more illustrative stories, wordplay, and thematic explorations of the text and symbols.  The Torah text is traced to its apocalyptic outcomes in some portions, and the literal text is compared and contrasted with the figurative language often used in Scripture.  The hermeneutic device of consecutive numbers is explained, and the challenge of ritual and tradition is addressed.  The Song of Moses is keyed thematically to the Book of Revelation, and the final Mosaic blessing on the sons of Israel is keyed to the Valorous Woman of Proverbs 31, revealing a secret in blessings, a blessing on the daughters.  The most important objective of the workbook, to encourage individual spiritual transformation from the Word, is included in each Torah portion.

Table of Contents:

  • Devarim - The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
  • Vaetchanan - I Got Tefillin
  • Ekev – Hot Rocks and Cold Stones
  • Re'eh – When Figs Fly
  • Shoftim – Humpty Dumpty Reads War and Trees
  • Ki Teitzei – All the Pretty Flowers
  • Ki Tavo – Pillar Talk
  • Nitzavim* - Blowing Smoke
  • Vayelekh – How do You Cut a Steak?
  • Ha'azinu – Song-Riders
  • Vezot Haberakhah – Fat Man and Little Girl

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