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Matzah Cover, Pesah with Pomegranates.

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Matzah Cover, Pesah with Pomegranates.

$ 18.00

Matza cover for Passover Seder

Round Matzah cover with three sections to hold three Matzahs during the Passover Seder. The Hebrew words "Pesach" (Passover) is in the center with 6 pomegranates in a circle. The names of the six traditional Passover foods are in the center of each pomegranate. It is beautifully decorated with a flowing design and bordered witlverh a silver loops.

These six traditional foods are זרוע (Zeroah) a roasted leg bone, ביצה (Beitzah) a hard-boiled egg, מרור (Maror) horseradish, חורסת (Charoset) sweet apple chutney, כרפס (Karpas) boiled potato, and חזרת (Chazeret) bitter herbs usually romaine lettuce.

Cover Diameter: 19 3/4 inches | 50 cm

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