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The Messianic Bar Mitzvah by Hollisa Alewine

Hollisa Alewine

The Messianic Bar Mitzvah by Hollisa Alewine

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The Messianic Bar Mitzvah resource guide was compiled for the benefit of bar mitzvah candidates, both for children or for adults who may have never had the opportunity to bar mitzvah. This is not intended to be a complete resource, merely a framework for the course of study as well as a guide to resources that facilitate collaborative, family, and self-study sessions. It is expected that Messianic rabbis or pastors will adapt the contents to meet the needs of their own congregations. Contents include the rationale for this rite of passage, syllabus, sample worksheets, articles on homiletics and hermeneutics, Hebrew resources, sample written test, ceremony bulletins, traditions of the bar mitzvah ceremony, sample profession of faith, and practical advice.

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