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"Shemot" Torah Portion Commentary - The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 2

Hollisa Alewine

"Shemot" Torah Portion Commentary - The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 2

$ 30.00

This Creation Gospel workbook series in five volumes is the Torah lessons over the weekly parashot. The Creation Gospel paradigm of the Seven Spirits of Adonai, the Seven Days of Creation, the Seven Feasts, and the Seven Assemblies of Revelation appears in each of the portions, yet the Scriptural narratives release the human struggles of the matriarchs and patriarchs, which encourages all who follow in their footsteps of faith. As with all Creation Gospel teaching, an effort is made to tie together the whole Scripture thematically from Genesis to Revelation.

Although the lessons draw from the traditional Jewish sources, the work is not designed to be a typical scholarly Torah commentary. This work delves into the human aspects of each portion or elicit points not typically addressed. For instance, is the seven-branched menorah concealed within the four Rivers of Eden? What do donkeys and camels symbolize in Scripture, and what do they have to do with prophecy? What can each portion teach that will transform lives? The Ruach HaKodesh is invited to move over the words so that disciples of Yeshua can mature in their relationships with the Body of Messiah, with the Father, and even with enemies. Recommended for both individual and group weekly Torah study. Includes study/review questions on each portion.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim at the deep end of the pool? If you are among those who desire to dive into the cool depths of Torah study, then your library will not be complete without Dr. Hollisa Alewine's workbook 5 series.  This five volume set devotes each volume to one of the books in the Torah.  The teachings are broken down by weekly Torah readings, making it the ideal study text for group environments.  It is truly one of the few study texts which offers an abundance of material for both beginners, advanced students, and everyone in between. Based on her renowned Creation Gospel study approach, Dr. Alewine guides the reader beyond the surface-level understanding of the Bible, and into the deeper watery currents of interpretation.  Not only will readers reap a harvest of Biblically-sound insight, but they will also glean the techniques by which to unveil other concealed gems of understanding.  Taking a dip into the waters of workbook 5 will leave you refreshed and well-hydrated in the Word!"

Scott Aaron, Torat Chaim

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