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Understanding the Context of the Bible

Rico Cortes

Understanding the Context of the Bible

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The lessons of the Bible are often lost within our modern 21st century culture. Sadly, many people turn away from the Word when the read passages and practices that are difficult to understand.

After watching this unique collection of three of Rico Cortes' foundational teachings, your eyes will be opened to read the Bible in a whole new way. Using history, anthropology, and recent discoveries from the ancient world, Rico explains mysteries of the people of the Bible and how Yahweh is working in powerful ways to restore His creation back to Him. 

Questions addressed in this special collection include:

What is the real reason Yeshua turned over the tables in the Temple? Why do many stories from the Old Testament appear irrelevant to modern believers? What is the significance of the land and people of Israel? 

Teachings include "Shekalim: The Temple in the Time of Yeshua," "Honor & Shame: The Culture of the Bible," and "The Royal Grant Covenant."

Run time: 7 hours

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