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Hollisa Alewine

Esther’s Mysteries Behind the Mask: Prophecies Behind the Veil

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Understanding that patterns in Torah exist is the first step to understanding that Biblical prophecy repeats itself. Instead of asking, “When will this prophecy be fulfilled?” ask, “How many times will it be fulfilled?”

The Book of Esther is replete with hidden messages. While the Name of God is never used, He works behind the scenes devising plans of salvation, atonement, and most importantly, stretching the message of salvation and atonement to cover the first fruits from among the nations.

The DVD and Study Booklet set of Esther’s Mysteries Behind the Mask: Prophecies Behind the Veil identifies the Torah foundation of The Promise and traces it forward to the Book of Esther. Excerpts from the Creation Gospel Workbook Four, The Scarlet Harlot, and the Crimson Thread establish the pattern of righteous women whose identity was covered and hidden in order to fulfill the scope of The Promise. Esther follows their pattern.

The prophetic nature of many Torah portions will dramatically unfold in the establishment of Purim. The full narrative of Joseph’s life in Genesis is even repeated in the Book of Esther, along with the Yom Kippur service and the instructions concerning the annulment of vows.

This teaching set will remove many of the masks of Purim, but more importantly, it will reveal the bigger plan of prophecy that unlocks an understanding of the future.

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