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The Scroll Of The Gospel Of David

Tony Robinson

The Scroll Of The Gospel Of David

$ 18.00

This is a new book written to show you how the entire Gospel (death, burial and resurrection) is thematically presented in the story of David’s flight from Absalom (II Samuel 15:10-20:2). The following is just a small sampling of events recorded in the New Testament that were foretold in the pages of the Torah, Prophets and Writings:

  • Herod would kill male babies in an attempt to kill Yeshua
  • Yeshua was incarcerated with two criminals
  • One of the criminals executed with Yeshua would receive eternal life while the other would die in his sins
  • Bread and wine would be the symbols of the body and blood of the Messiah
  • Yeshua would wear a crown of thorns
  • Yeshua would be hung on a tree
  • Peter would outrun John to the tomb
  • Judas would betray the Messiah and hang himself

Believe it or not, the first six of the events listed above are prophesied as early as the book of Genesis! These and many other prophecies concerning the mission of the Messiah will be presented along with the prophetic picture that was recorded centuries before the actual events occurred.

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