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Study To Show Yourself Approved

Dinah Dye

Study To Show Yourself Approved

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DVDs – Study to Show Yourself Approved (9 parts) This course is basically a mentoring program designed to give students the tools necessary to study the Bible from a Hebraic perspective. The first two sessions cover important study tips as well as give information about research, application and presentation. Dr. Dye then explores a variety of recurring patterns that are most often found in Scripture. She explains the importance of each pattern and gives examples from the Tanakh and the New Testament. Topics include: Biblical calendar, festival cycle, The Temple, The Kingdom, The Liturgy, Torah Covenants, Halachah, Aggadah, Hebrew Language Elements and literary tools and devices. A companion workbook is available with the DVDs.

Workbook – Study to Show Yourself Approved The workbook is a companion to the DVD series and is filled with a variety of exercises and projects to give the student practice in uncovering patterns in Scripture.  The key to the Hebraic approach is identifying these patterns and connecting them together in order to uncover a deeper meaning. Each chapter in the workbook corresponds to a session from the DVD. Dr. Dye recommends listening to the lecture first before tackling the workbook. The workbook also contains a variety of thought provoking and open-ended questions, as well as, a list of resources for each pattern to help students build a solid foundation. Working in pairs or small groups is an ideal way to get the most out of this course.

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